FC AFC Int Ch Regen's Bismarck St. Quentin VCD1 UD RE TDX MH NW3 SDX RDX VX3 NAHVDA UT1 NA1 

From the highly titled sire TC CT MACH Can OTCh Can VCh Regen’s Rip Stop UDX5 OM1 MH MXB MJB Can TD FDX SDX RDX VX7 FROM NAVHDA Prize 1 and Sophie (Canadian) Quinn’s pedigree is combinations of high drive field lines, talented show, and German import lines. Quinn is part of our ‘Bismarck’ litter whelped in 2006.

With his tremendous range and effortless ground covering gait, Quin was a top field competitor. He had multiple placements in all-breed field trials and earned a spot on the WCA Top Ten Derby and Top Ten Gun Dog lists. He easily earned his FC and AFC titles at all breed trials with a walking handler. He won the 2013 WCA Western Classic Amateur Gun Dog stake with Carmen as the only walking handler. He earned his WCA Retrieving Dog Excellent title as a young dog. He earned a perfect score of 112 points on his NAVHDA Natural Ability test. In September of 2014, Quinn earned a NAVHDA Utility Prize 1 (202 points). He had a little bobble in the heel exercise and lost 2 points.

His enthusiasm transferred over into the obedience ring and tracking field. He earned a UD and spots on WCA Top Ten obedience list and was invited to the AKC Obedience Invitational. He earned his TD at just over a year old and next earned his TDX. 

This handsome boy also earned points in the conformation ring.

As he got older, trying to fill his thirst for learning and working, last year, he started learning and competing in NACSW K9 nose work and he earned his NW3 in 4 tries, only missing one time in his competing. 

Quinn gave Carmen, a novice handler, many first time awards and titles; obedience High in Trial, Tracking Dog Excellent, Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion and WCA Classic placements (1st and 3rd in the 2 times we competed) which he earned all with a walking handler and has placed and won both in walking trials and horseback trials, Master Hunter, WCA Shooting Dog Excellent, WCA Retrieving Dog Excellent, NAVHDA NA Prize 1 and NAVHDA Utility Prize 1. 

Carmen always said 'Quinn is perfect'! He was a perfect match for her! He had eyes for her only from the time she brought him home at 8 weeks! If he had problems learning something new, he would offer her all his learned behaviors but he would never quit! No matter how many times I asked him to practice he was just as willing and tried with just as much effort as when we first started.  He loved puppies and would let them crawl all over him. He loved people and kids just as much.  He had the greatest temperament, attitude, and work ethic of any dog I have known. He wanted a job and did K9 nose work right to the end. Carmen has a friend that often told her that Quinn would walk on water for her if she asked. I think she is right. 

Quinn is the sire of 'Wheels' and our 'Spring Litter’.  

Quinn passed away on February 21, 2017.  He was owned, trained and handled by Carmen Spencer of Creswell OR.

© Anne Tyson / Judi Voris 2020