TM8 4151

MACH Regen’s He’s on the Dance Floor CDX RN MX MXJ MXB MXF T2B

Brenda and Steve Basson feel blessed to have Hogan become a member of their family in June of 2015 at approximately 8 weeks old. 

Hogan Tire
Hogan Stand

Hogan is extremely intelligent and always looking to

outsmart the humans.  He has enormous drive and athleticism.  The agility community loves to watch him run.  Hogan has a superb temperament inside and outside the ring.  He loves people and is extremely food and toy motivated.  

Hogan’s first love is the agililty ring and can’t wait for his turn in the ring.  Outside the ring, he’s a total goofball but once in the ring, he is 100% business.  The transformation from clown to athlete is incredible to watch.  He is a true competitor and achieved his MACH in January 2021.  

Along with agility, Hogan also is an obedience competitior and has achieved his CDX title and has one leg toward his UD title.  He has done seminars involving hunting and tracking and these venues are in his future.   Hogan is a true working dog and he wants to please.  He is alwasy looking for a job or task to complete and aways gives 110% of things he is asked to do,  

Outside of the competitions, Hogan is an ordinary member of the family with a favority downtime activity of sunning on the carpet.   One of his fun household routines is to pick up anything dropped and return it to the owner  (socks, wrapped granola bars etc.).  He will retrieve the daily newspaper from the driveway regardless of the weather.  Hogan is just a lovely all around companion.

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