Regen’s Pole Dancer CH MH15 MHA CGC TKI NAVHDA NA Prize III 

I got a bird

Pleaz is a hunting superstar who is crazy for birds. She is the first Regen Weimaraner to earn a lifetime hunt title with 15 Master Hunt passes with two of them being a perfect score of 10 with over a 93% pass rate and the first poining breed to achievce this tite! Pleaz is a very happy, busy girl who will do anything for food. Along with hunting she has proven herself in the breed ring by earning her conformation championship and is trainig for agility trials.   She passed her NAVHDA NA test at 11 months of age with a Prize III/98.  Her owner, Vicky Edmonds, knew nothing about field work, but as they started training, Pleaz’s natural abilities came out and she is excelling.

Pleaz lives in Arizona with. her owner, trainer and handle, Vicky Edmonds.

IMG 0878

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