Weimaraner Head - Jimmy

Regen's Light My Fire JH NAVHDA NA Prize I

The French term "joie de vivre" is described as an exultation of spirit or a joy that encompasses one's whole being and is an apt description of Jimmy's attitude toward life.  He's a happy tail-wagger who brings an infectious enthusiasm to every activity.  In Jimmy's world, every day is the best day ever and every adventure is the most fun of all.

In the performance arenas, Jimmy has remarkable speed, intense drive and a strong desire to please.   With his novice owner handler in tow, he earned a NAVHDA NA Prize I (108 of 112) and finished his JH title at 15 months, receiving a perfect score of 40 on one leg of his JH.  He is now learning to be steady on birds and is training for SH and UPT.  Inheriting a love of water from his mother, Jimmy is an enthusiastic swimmer who has recently taken up dock diving.  Jimmy and his owner are preparing for their debut in agility where he hopes to follow in his dad's paw prints.  

Most importantly, Jimmy is a loving companion whose silly antics and sunny disposition light up his family's home.  In his spare time, he enjoys monitoring the neighbor's bird feeders (a/k/a watching "dog TV"), hiking in the mountains, tormenting his feline "brothers" and sharing hugs and kisses with his people.

Jimmy is owned, trained and handled by LeeAnn Jones of Atlanta GA.

© Anne Tyson 2017