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Strider even as a very young puppy seemed to be mature beyond his age.  He was very eager to please and seemed to learn exceptionally fast.  When training he is very focused on the task at hand and seems oblivious to distractions. 

Strider's WCA Agility Champion 2011

He started his agility career at 16 months of age and continued on to become the youngest Weimaraner to earn his MACH at 2 years old and the youngest MACH2 just six months later.  And he continues to add up the MACH titles at fast pace.  He was MACH6 at just five years old.  And he finished 2013 as the #4 dog in AKC agility 24" division.  You can watch his standard and jumpers runs from the 2012 AKC Agility Invitational below.

Strider Triple

He shows great natural ability in the field with range, strong pointing instincts and water love.  While Sheila enjoys field work with her dogs, her focus is on agility so we asked her to have a professional field evaluation done on Strider.  You can see the evaluation below.

When Strider “just wants to be a dog” he loves to play Frisbee and carrying virtually anything in his mouth. He also has inherited his father’s love of de-squeaking and de-stuffing toys, leaving our family room looking as if there had been an indoor snow storm. He is also a HUGE “mommy’s boy”. He is a wonderful additional to our canine family.

Strider is the sire of ‘Ninja’.  He is owned, trained and handled by Shiela Cook of Wilmore KY.

Sheila & Strider at the 2012 AKC Agility Invitational

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