Regen's GrayQuest Firestorm Blazing AX MXJ NF JH NRD V NAVHDA NA Prize II

Zing is on fire! Svelte and athletic (with a great nose!), Zing is zipping her way into the performance world. With her first retrieving title at 11 months, Zing has let it be known that this is one of her favorite things to do. She has been naturally retrieving birds to hand since the tender age of 9 months old!

June2012 050ZingNRD

Versatile and smart, Zing earned her NAVHDA NA Prize II. Tracking and hunting are in her future, as she loves to follow her nose.

Zing is super agile and intelligent and has proven this in the agility venue.  At home, Zing is mischievous and sweet and loves to snuggle with her owners.  She is trained and handled by Lori Barbee of Huntington Beach CA.

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