GrCh Ch MACH Regen’s Lucky Draw TD JH MX MXB MXJ MJB T2B2 DJ TKI NSD VX2 Best in Maturity (field trial pointed)

Maverick agility wins

Maverick is proving to have talent in both show and field as well as in performance events.  He has a couple field trial wins from puppy and derby stakes and also finished his championship by going BOS over specials at a specialty show at just over 1 year old.  Then with limited showing finished up his Grand Championship at 2 years old.

He’s been a busy boy excelling through agility over half way to his Mach before he turned 3. Also qualifying for AKC Agility Nationals his first year of showing in Masters.  He also loves tracking and is a natural methodical tracker and is training for both TDX and VST right now.

Maverick field

Maverick is a pleaser and a very happy boy. He loves to be doing something all the time.  In October 2019 he attended the WCA National where he competed in several events earning a Triathlete award.  He showed in his Maturity as well and won Best Dog in Central Maturity.  This boy has brains and beauty, what a great combination, Can’t wait to see what his future holds.

He is owned, trained and handled by Wanda Gunter of Portland, TN.

Maverick show

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