YK1 7620D

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YK1 4053WElla at Magins 10.14

Ella is the epitome of personality.  With a tail that seems to never stop, she loves everyone and always believes it is all about her.  She is not attention seeking, but exudes a confidence that makes everyone take notice of her.  While she is small in stature, her heart is oh so big.  She loves to please and is always looking to do the “right thing”.  Her focus, drive and exuberance are so balanced, that she makes training seem easy.  Ella is excelling in the agility ring.  She was also successful in some early field and obedience training.  Ella has been a welcome member of our pack from day one, easily fitting in, and keeping the boys in line.  This is Ella’s world and we are so thankful to be a part of it.

Ella is owned and loved by Emily and Greg Burdick in Pennsylvania.

© Anne Tyson 2017