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Ch. Regen's It's My Party NW1 CGC

Maile (sounds like Miley) is named for the lovely Hawaiian Maile Lei which is not made of flowers but the fragrant leaves of the Maile plant. It is a very special lei, worn for important events and was once reserved for only the royalty. That pretty much sums up Maile's opinion of herself. She is a mighty force of nature to be reckoned with in a rather small, compact, package. Maile is a very happy outgoing girl, she pretty much loves everyone and insists they feel the same!

Maile finished her show championship easily before she was two years of age.

She loves to play with her frisbee and has started competing in Disc dog events. She also excels in her nosework classes. Her puppy evaluation did say great nose and they were not kidding! Obedience is also on her agenda though not her first choice of activities.

Maile absolutely LOVES birds!!! She feels every bird and every turn should be hers and lets you know quite loudly! She retrieved her very first bird to hand with no previous training, she was so proud of herself. We are looking forward to hunt tests ratings tests in the future.

Maile lives with her dam, Vivi, and their owner, Teri Rice, in California. 

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