Regen’s Playing to Win TDX JH OA AXJ OF VX

Eddie is the life of the party, he loves everyone and shows it with enthusiasm and a wiggling body. He's very agile and athletic with beautiful long strides. He's growing up to be handsome and smart with a fantastic nose. 

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He is a natural at tracking and really excels in this area. He finished his TD in grand style by dragging his owner around the track in four minutes. He continues to show great promise as he works towards his TDX which he will start competing for in the fall of 2015. 

As of early 2016 he is about half way done with his show Championship with nine points (one major win).  He continues to progress in his agility and obedience training as well.  Watch for Eddie in the agility ring in early 2016.  

Eddie is owned, trained and handled by Wanda Gunter of Portland, TN.    

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