Regen’s Don’T Stop Believin CD RN JH MX MXB AXJ XF CA CGC TKN V

Journey has a bold over the top personality.  Somehow he pulls off intense and goofy/silly at the same time.  At home, Journey is a snugly lap dog, often climbing in your lap before you have even finished sitting down. 

Journey is displaying outstanding biddability, drive, and athleticism on the agility course. More than one spectator has commented on how much dog Journey is and they are not just referring to his size.  

In addition to agility, Journey is training in field, conformation, obedience, and tracking  He has earned sixteen points toward his VX in four different venues (agility, obedience, field, and conformation).  Journey is wicked smart and wants to learn and work hard.  He has a bright future and is showing a lot of potential!  

Journey is loved and owned by Scott and Angela Sarra.

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