'Wile E'

WileEFinish crop

Ch Regen’s Cheap Trick UD SH SDX RD VX2 NAVHDA NA Prize I

Wile E is a fun loving, happy go lucky boy with tons of personality. He loves to snuggle, but equally loves spending time alone outside surveying his kingdom. He has figured out how to open the screen doors and kennel doors, so often lets himself out at his leisure. He’s very friendly and welcoming. Unlike many Weimaraners, he invites all strangers to come into the yard or home. In fact, he would probably happily leave with the UPS man.

He earned his Junior Hunter at seven months of age and earned a maximum score of 112 points in his NAVHDA Natural Ability test at just eight months old. He complete his Senior Hunter title as two year old. He loves to swim and its sometimes hard to get him out of the water. He has a staunch, stylish point and shows great potential in the field. You can see a couple of videos below.

Wile E also loves obedience and is showing a terrific attitude for future success. In his debut weekend, he easily earned his Beginnier Novice title. He completed his Companion Dog and Companion Dog Excellent titles with ease and completed his UD title as a two year old.

He is a handsome dog who finished easily in the show ring. He showed a few weekends as a puppy, picking up his first major and then showed a few more weekends in the spring of his two year old year when he finished his Championship.

Wile E is owned and trained by Anne.

© Anne Tyson 2017