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‘Tricksy” - PM and Regen’s Montana New Year CDX SCN SEN SWN CGC TKN SD NRD V NAVHDA NA Prize I (breed pointed)

Tricksy is a girl who is nearly always multi-tasking, except when a bird is involved. She has great focus when it comes to hunting. She earned the maximum score of 112 points in her NAVHDA Natural Ability test at 10 monts of age. She hunted with great effort and had a wonderful time. 

She also shows great enthusasm for obedience where she earned her Companion Dog title with a high score of 199 points and has completed her Companion Dog Excellent title.

One of Tricksy’s best qualities is her affectionate nature. She loves to run up the stairs ahead of Carol so that she can stop and put her head on Carol’s shoulder for a hug. She also pretends to be asleep so she won’t have to go to bed in her crate. Her wagging tail gives her away.

Tricksy is the dam of our ‘Dance’ Litter. She was bred by Dawna Miller of PM Weimaraners and lives with her owner/trainer/handler Carol Meshon in PA. 

“Tricksy” Definition trick-sy (trks)

adj. trick-si-er, trick-si-est

1. Smartly attired; dapper.

2. Sportive; mischievous

3. Crafty; cunning; devious

4. Likely to cause trouble and therefore requiring special care or skilled, delicate treatment.

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