DSC 0747

Regen's Wild Rose Hickory Can CD NA RN CGC CGN

Hickory is indeed a Wild Child and lives life to the fullest, enjoying each and every day.  He's a natural athlete and loves to run, hunt, track, catch and fetch.   He earned his CKC CD title in three of his first four outings with a High in Class in all three qualifying runs.  He earned his CKC RN title going HIgh in Class each of the first three times he competed - despite the handicap of a being attached to a very green novice handler.  He is training in agility and tracking and hopes to try dock diving and canine disc.  He's working hard teaching his people how to throw better.

HIckory is a popular member of the Dynamo Dogsports Club.   He participates in several community events each year helping to promote responsible pet ownership.  He loves being in the spotlight and meeting new people helping them learn more about dogs in general and Weimaraners in particular.  He is a terrific ambassador for his breed.  

Hickory lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with Wylie and Lesley Stafford and three older All-Canadian rescued dogs, a cat you knows everything and a very curious Leopard Gecko.

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