Weimaraner Swimming with Duck - Lenni

OTCH Regen's Bismarck Woerth UDX3 OM4 VCD1 SH NRD SD VX2 NAVHDA NA Prize 1

Lenni is a dog who loves to be busy.  If not doing something with Carol and Alan, he is inventing something to do on his own.  These inventions can sometimes take your breath away.  Lenni is very affectionate and incredibly smart.  He figured out that when the GPS says, "Arriving at destination' that he is at the end of a trip and starts barking with anticipation before the car even slows.


Lenni's competitive debut was launched at a field trial where, though still only a puppy, he placed second in an Amateur Walking Derby stake.  Shortly thereafter he notched a Prize 1 score of 110/112 points in his NAVHDA Natural Ability test.  

IMG 0698

His obedience career was launched with an impressive Novice performance and many compliments from the judge.  He went on to easily complete his novice title at just a year old garnering a Front & Finish Gold Award by earning the title in three straight attempts all with scores over 190 points. He has continued in obedience to earn his UDX and multiple high combined scores. Due to his enthusiasm, strength and speed, Lenni was handled by Carol's husband, Alan to easily accomplish his TD.  

Lenni also works with Carol in adult group homes.  He is a wonderful help with one particular woman with post traumatic stress as well as cerebral palsy.  Good boy, Lenni!

Lenni lives with Carol and Alan Meshon in West Chester PA.  He is trained and handled in obedience and field by Carol and in tracking by Alan.

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