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We raise a few litters a year.  We introduce our puppies to a clicker, targeting, crate, tether, leash walking, attention, tug, retrieving, water, car rides, surfaces, noises, strangers, birds and more.  Our puppies are placed with their new owners based on our assessment of their aptitude for they type of work they will be expected to perform. 

Current Litter

‘C’ Litter - Kenzie x Wile E. (all pups reserved)



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Int Ch Kenzie des Brumes des Bois UD TD RD V NAVHDA NA Prize I (112) was bred to Regen’s Cheap Trick CDX JH NAVHDA NA Prize I (112) in mid-February.  She whelped three boys and three girls on April 13th. 

Kenzie is an import from Belgium.  Her pedigree includes great working dogs from Germany, Belgium and France.  As her pedigree would predict, she loves to hunt, track and swim.  She earned a maximum score on her NAVHDA Natural Ability test on her 7 month birthday.  She a beautiful, athletic, friendly girl.  She is a successful producer and is the dam of our Play Litter and our ‘A’ Litter.  You can see a video of one of the ‘A’ Litter pups below (Rocket Summer Swim video).  Here is a link to her health information:  Kenzie OFA Clearances


Wile E.

Wile E. is from our Rockstar Litter and is a wonderful young dog.  His drive is only matched by his biddability.  He’s a ‘put me in coach’ dog who loves to work in any venue.  He aced his NAVHDA Natural Ability test earning maximum points and a Prize I at just 8 months old.  He broke out very easily in the field and is showing potential to be a great competition obedience dog.  Video of his field work and obedience are on his webpage.  Here is a link to his health clearances:  Wile E. OFA Clearances

Kenzie and Wile E. are both talented hunting dogs with natural backing instincts and love for water.  They are healthy, athletic, friendly and great examples of the breed.  We are very excited for this mating.  The Kenzie x Wile E. litter will be raised in Ephrata WA.  All pups are reserved at this time.

Past Litter

‘Lucky' Litter - Ashlee x Odis (all pups sold)

IMG 0916

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CH CT MACH8 Regen's She's On Fire VCD3 RN MH JHR MXB3 MJC2 MXF MFS TQX T2B5 SDX RDX VX6 NAVHDA NAIII has been bred to Ch. Brymar’s Ode an das Haus der Reiteralm NAIII in late November. Ashlee is the dam of our Rockstar Litter.  She whelped four puppies on January 25th.

Odis’ pedigree is a mixture of US show lines and German lines.  He has all-breed field trial wins and placements in juvenille and broke stakes.  He broke out easily in the field and he finished his breed championship in just four shows.  He is a moderate sized male who loves the water and is a friendly, biddable dog.

Regen Puppy Videos

4 month old Kenzie x Lowgun pup swimming and retrieving

Wile E. (5 months) honoring Smudge (9 months)

3 mos old puppy retrieving

10 wk puppy pointing

6 wk puppy retrieving toys

Wild Litter Playing

5 month old puppy scent articles

3 month old Regen Puppy Water Retreive

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